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Life and work can be stressful. Talking to somebody else about what’s on your mind can sometimes help. Talk to a chaplain about any concerns you may have, whether it’s about family, work, or anything else. What you talk about is up to you.

Our aim

To serve the people of Basingstoke as a team of Chaplains who express God’s love by visiting workplaces and the community providing support and encouragement.

Supporting the community

We are a dedicated team of trained Christians serving and supporting people in the workplace and community of Basingstoke. Our chaplains represent all the local Christian Churches and visit people of strong faith or none.


Basingstoke Town Chaplaincy currently has seventeen Chaplains from several different Christian churches in Basingstoke. All are volunteers who give their time to visit places of work around the Town, and all have a heart to make a difference in Basingstoke.  

The Chaplains visit a wide variety of businesses in Basingstoke, including shops, offices, the Police Station, Magistrates’ Courts, supermarkets, doctors’ surgeries and colleges.  People can talk to a Chaplain in confidence about anything that concerns them and the Chaplains work to build up relationships with folk they see regularly.  The Chaplains are not counsellors, but will provide information about agencies that can offer support if necessary; sometimes a good listening ear is all that is required.

The Chaplaincy is a registered charity, overseen by a board of Trustees; it is not funded by any business or authority and depends totally on charitable giving.  If you would like to know more about the work we do in Basingstoke, please contact us.


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