Welcome to the Town Chaplaincy

We love being back on the streets and visiting shops and other work places! So many people have welcomed a Chaplain to talk to, be prayed for or just to appreciate that we are around. Keep looking out for us and feel free to chat about anything on your mind! And it is great to see Basingstoke centre coming back to life  – Amazingstoke!

Many of us have found the stresses and strains and uncertainties of the last year have taken their toll.  It can be healthy to talk to someone about the pressures you are feeling. Chaplains will listen and help you express yourself so that you can view your situation more clearly. Often, just talking things through gets our worries into perspective so that issues can be dealt with. We have bottled up fears and emotions for many months and releasing them can be the first step to better health. Problems may have developed over that time. Help is available! If necessary, we will seek to signpost you to places where people can provide advice or practical support. And we are always pleased to pray for anyone because we believe that through Jesus Christ we have a God who cares for each one of us and wants the best for us.

Or, you might just want to have a ‘normal’ conversation with someone after so long not meeting people. We all, chaplains included, feel slightly uncomfortable at meeting people now restrictions are being lifted, and social anxiety can be an unexpected problem for many. But no one need feel alone and we will get back into the routines again, perhaps more appreciative of others after these enforced separations.

As the shopping rush subsides a little, and restrictions on meeting people are relaxed, more Chaplains will be visiting shops to meet staff. We are already aware that there has been a big turnover of staff, so we look forward to meeting people we have known for years, maybe now in a different shop, and also new people.  As cafés and restaurants open there will be more social life in the town to enjoy. But stay safe!

Taking up the invitation of a vaccination is a very effective contribution to staying safe. We do urge you to do so. In addition, keep safe by wearing a mask indoors and keeping some distance from others. Regular hand washing is also recommended!

Even those of us who are bit shy need to meet people and talk, so we can build on the smile we have been giving people as we avoid them by also having a little chat to cheer us up.

May God bless you and watch over you.

Newsletter Summer 2021

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