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Christian View of Work

Work! We love it. We hate it. One of the first questions people ask is "what do you do?" Some of us work to live, while others seem to live to work. If only we didn't have to work... then following redundancy search desperately for that elusive job.

What is the Christian view of work? Is work a punishment for sin? A pain? Sweat and hard graft? Would work exist in a perfect world? Or did God create us to work, to be productive?

Below are links to articles on other sites that explore the Christian perspective on work.


Engaging With Work

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Work matters hugely. Work is the primary activity God created us to pursue - in communion with him, and in partnership with others. Indeed, one of work's main goals is to make God's world a better place...


Care for the Family

Putting the passion back into your work

Care for the Family

"I hate my job" is a sentiment felt by many today and a recent survey suggests less than 40% of Britons enjoy their work. Is work taking over our lives? How can we bring the passion back to our jobs?...


Love Work, Live Life - releasing God's purpose in your life

Love Work, Live Life!

releasing God's purpose in your life

Discover how to be sure you are in the right job. Find practical ways to unlock your calling, and unleash your destiny right where you are, and whatever it is you do.


Christians at work



Helping to mobilise Christians to live out their faith in the world of work.